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Your Guide in Central Asia


Sugdiyona Lux Tour-Your Guide in Central Asia

Tours to Uzbekistan-Central Asia

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   Fabled cities of Central Asia - is the perfect place to start an exciting adventure to the medieval cities of the Great Silk Road. Here you will be accompanied by amazing nature in harmony with the modern world.

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Primarily in Uzbekistan is developed historical and ecological tourism. You will discover cities-museums under the open sky; they are Bukhara, Samarkand and Khiva. Here mysteries and puzzles pursue you everywhere. A long rich history and ancient traditions are felt in every corner of this east land.

For tourists Uzbekistan is primarily gorgeous monuments, centuries-old culture, Uzbek pilaf, hot cakes, crispy samosa, oriental fruit, melons, watermelons, and of course barbecue (shashlik). You will have the opportunity to experience the exotic cuisine of Uzbekistan in the national house and national uzbek restaurants.
 Annually Uzbekistan attracts tourists from all over the world, especially from Moscow, France, Yekaterinburg, Japan, Germany, Novosibirsk, India, China, Italy and Spain

Monuments of Tashkent Travel in Uzbekistan is not only 

magnificent buildings of religious architecture, but also the favorable cli

mate, an amazing variety of flora and fauna, majestic cliffs, vast forests, lakes, velvet deserts, everyone will find their own object of interest.

Samarkand, along with Rome, Babylon, the ancient capital of the empire of Tamerlane the Great, will present you unique architectural monuments of medieval architecture, such as Shah-i-Zinda necropolis, Gur-Emir mausoleum, Bibi Khanum Mosque, Ulugbek observatory.

In Khiva you will come across with a number of mausoleums and mosques: madrasa of Amir Temur, Madrassah of Muhammad Amin Khan, Madrassah of Muhammad Rahim Khan.

Mosques and madrasas in Bukhara amaze with the beauty and elegance anyone who looks at them. A striking example is the Kalon Mosque, which is the main attraction of this holy land. The main residence of the Emir citadel Ark was a symbol of greatness during 2000 years. Samanids mausoleum is a masterpiece of world architecture.

IMG 1319FBTo express all the beauty of the cities of Central Asia by words is impossible, it must be seen with your own eyes, and felt by heart and soul. Our travel company in Samarkand will do everything to make your trip an exci

ting and comfortable one.

Our tour operators offer you hot tours at affordable prices for both individual travelers and for groups.


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