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Abdulkasym Madrassah

Abdulkasym Madrassah

Monuments of Tashkent- Abdulkasym Madrassah

Abdulkasym Madrasas is recognized as the most interesting sights of Tashkent. The Madrasah is located in the southern part in the old city of Tashkent, it was built in the XIX century.
The architectural ensemble is a memorial to the Abdulkasymkhan. He paid great attention to education. For the construction of the madrasah, he spent about 30 thousand rubles, and annually paid for the education of 150 students. According to some reports, he knew the Koran by heart. Outstanding and well-known personalities such as the founder of the first university Munavvar Kari Abdullah Kadiri, Abdurauf Fitrat, etc were educated in his madrassah.
Today the Abdulkasym madrasah continues to function as a school where students are taught the national crafts; there you can see the jewelers, painters, skilled cutters on wood.
n, the mosque did not let women.

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