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General Information about Uzbekistan former Republik of Soviet Union



Population: 28.8 million 
Surface area: 447,400 sq kilometres
Capital: Tashkent
Language: Uzbek
Climate: Sharp continental
Currency: Sum
Country code: +998

Theme: Oasis on the Great Silk Road

Location: Central Asia, N Kazakhstan, E Kyrgizstan, S Afghanistan, W Turkmenistan.

Politics: Independent state of CIS, former republic of Soviet Union.

Population: Uzbek, Russian, Tajik & other minorities, main language: Uzbek & Russian.

History: Cross road of many civilization from Persian, Greek, but mainly dominated by Mongolian tribe dynasties till annexation by Russian empire & consequent Soviet Union.

Weather: Continental Climate with cold winters and hot dry summers, best time to visit: March till mid June and from Aug till mid Nov.

Attractions: Unique Islamic Architecture of 10th - 16th century preserved in old city centers surrounded by building oriental bazaars and handicrafts workshops. Colorful tradition & peaceful atmospheres crowned by mystic & mysteries of 1001 nights.

Dom. flights: Mainly modern AVRO RJ-85, but possible older Russian small airplanes with good technical condition flown by Uzbekistan Airlines, which has an excellent record of safety.

Hotels: 3-5* in Tashkent, 3* in Khiva, 3-4* in Bukhara and Samarkand. National style B+B for groups up to 20pax are also available.

Buses: 2nd class European Standard with air condition.

Guides: English, German, French & Japanese - well qualified.

Different aspects of Uzbek And Tajik folklore in historical places. A variety of extras will be offered to tourists on spot in each city.

A visa to Uzbekistan cost 25-50 US$ and can be transit, single or multiple entry.
Issued at Uzbek embassy or Tashkent Airport upon invitation from an Uzbek tour operator and a reference number from Ministry of Foreign affairs.

There are over one thousand dishes in Uzbek cuisine. Fruits and vegetables grown under the tender Oriental sun are terrific in taste.

The territory of present-day Uzbekistan was a branch of the ancient Silk Road. Being the crossroads of Eurasia it is considered as "Gates to Central Asia" in modern time. Within it are some of the world's oldest towns, some of the Silk Road's main centers and most of Central Asia's architectural attractions. Samarkand - capital of Tamerlane's empire, Bukhara and Khiva are virtual outdoors museums. Tashkent its the capital of sovereign Uzbekistan.

The Republic of Uzbekistan, the "Land of Uzbeks", occupies the center of Central Asian region, for it lone borders each of the new republics - Kazakhstan to the North, Kirgizstan and Tadjikistan to the east and south-east, Turkmenistan to the south-west, as well as Afghanistan to the south. Unlike some of their neighbors, the Uzbek remains a clear majority in the republic, accounting for almost 75% of the total population. 

Visa. Please note that you need a visa for every central Asian country, every time you cross the border to another state you need an extra visa to return to the first state. Because of heavy taxes, we have to change cars or buses at borders, sometimes transport is not allowed into no Man zone because of security reasons so tourists are expected to walk for a distance of up to 100 meters. Boarder procedure 1-2 hrs.
All visitors require a valid visa to enter Uzbekistan. Visa is issued at Uzbek embassies or Tashknet airport. To receive a visa the Uzbek partner has to apply with Ministry of foreign affairs for a visa support reference which takes 10 days.

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