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Gur-Emir necropolis in Samarkand


  Gur-Emir is the tomb of the great clan, of Tamerlane. It was built in 1404 in Samarkand. Gur-Emir from tajik means “the tomb of Emir (Timur)”. The ensemble is located in the southwestern part of Samarkand. The construction of mausoleum was started in 1403 by Amir Timur. Originally the mausoleum was built for Sultan Muhammad- the beloved grandson of Tamerlane, but unfortunately he died in 1403, soon in 1405 died Amir Temur without finishing the construction. The works were continued by another grandson of Tamerlane- Ulugbek. In the tomb of Amir Temur are buried his two sons- Miranshah (1366-1408) and Shahrukh (1377-1447), also here were buried the dust of Mir Said Baraka who was considered to be his spiritual mentor and two grandchildren of Timur- Ulugbek (1396-1449) and Muhammad Sultan (1376-1403).
  The structure includes madrassas and honako, the portal arch, which is decorated with multicolored mud; four minarets, they are situated at the corners of the construction and a courtyard with tall facades.
The complex Gur-Emir is the beginning of a new stylistic trend in architecture of XIV. The construction differs from other buildings with virtuosity forms, large sizes, solemn decors and design perfection

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