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Kalyan Minaret

Kalyan Minaret


Monuments of Bukhara


  Kalyan Minaret is the main symbol of sacred Bukhara, which is translated as "a huge minaret." The minaret was used to call the Muslims of Bukhara to pray, also minaret symbolizes power of rulers.
  The majestic minaret was erected by Arslanhan of Karakhanids dynasty in 1127. The construction has the form of a round tower, its height is 45.6 m and fundamental part of it is 10 meters, there are 104 steps inside the tower. The diameter at the base of the minaret is 9 m, the top of 6 m minaret ends with a cylindrical lantern rotunda with16 through-openings.
  You can get to the tower from the roof of Kalyan mosque, and climb up into the rotunda and watch stunning overview of Bukhara.
 At the foot of the building there is an architectural ensemble- the mosque Poi-Kalyan-which means "foot of the great" it includes Miri-Arab mosque.
  According to legend, the Kalyan Minaret is also called the "Tower of Death", in old days people were executed, by the dropping from the top of the tower.

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