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Kukeldash madrassah

Kukeldash madrassah


Monuments of Tashkent- Kukeldash madrassah


Kukeldash was built in 1560 on the highest hill in the district of Chor-Su. The construction is named in honour of the vizier of khan of Tashkent, nicknamed Kukaldosh which is translateted as "foster brother of Khan". Kukldash Madrasah – is the largest madrassah perfectly preserved in Central Asia of XVI c, with a developed layout.
The construction was erected on the edge of the medieval Shahristan. Kukaldosh is constructed in typical style of that time: large yard, circled with khujdras and mosques in the corners.
The Madrasah was built of brick. Decor was applied only on one of the facades. Till nowadays survived only the tile decoration of glazed bricks and majolica made in 1950.
The architectural structure at the end of XVII was used as a caravanserai. Later, in 1860 the madrasas served as a fortress of Kakand khans. The upper parapet was used as a place of execution, kicking off with bags criminals and unfaithful wives.
In the Registan ensemble along with Kukeldash are also in the Juma Mosque of Khoja Ahrar Wali.

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