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Your Guide in Central Asia


Packing For Your Trip Packing For Your Trip

Packing For Your Trip

Luggage: One main piece of baggage and a daysac will be needed. Total allowance: 20kgs. +5kgs of your hand luggage

Clothing: Light-weight cottons are most suitable for the hot summers of Central Asia. For early or late season tours warmer clothes will be required. Tight fitting garments should be avoided. The region is predominantly Moslem, so brief shorts and skirts or clothes that are too revealing offend local sensibilities. Dress with respect. Bring swimming gear for Lake Aydarkul.

Footwear: Good quality, comfortable shoes/trainers and sandals.

Equipment: Bring sunscreen, a sunhat, water bottle and torch.

Please note: Due to the hot weather and change of climate, some people experience upset stomachs. You may wish to bring rehydration salts with you as a common cause is dehydration.

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