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Shahrisabz-Timur's home town

Shakhrisabz is a small town south to Samarkand. First of all, it has to be mentioned that Shakhrisabz is Timur's home town, and once once upon a time it put probably put Samarkand itself in the shade. Shakhrisabs (which means Green City) is indeed buried in verdure of orchards and vineyards. Architectural landmarks of Shakhrisabs are at least 500 years old.

ShahrisabzAmong the highlights of Shakhrisabz are Ak-Saray Palace - Timur's summer palace (White Palace) ,Kok-Gumbaz Mosque and Dorut Tilovat - This big Friday Mosque was completed by Ulugbek in 1437 in honour of his father Shahruh who was a son of Timur. The name means Blue Dome, though the luminous outer tiles are long gone and it's full of pigeons now. It appears to be under snail' space restoration. Behind it was the originalburial complex of Timur's forebears; Dorut Tilovat (House of Meditation), Khazrati-Imam Ensemble - a few streest east of Kuk-Gombaz are a few melancholy remnants of a 70m by 50mmausoleum complex called Dorut Siadat (Seat of Power & Might), which Timur finished in 1392 and which may have overshadowed even the Ak-Saray Palace.


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