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Termez has played the role of political and cultural chameleon, switching roles, religions, allegiances and even locations with the consummate ease of a circus performer. Gather its faded stars under one roof and sit back and enjoy as Buddhist monks discuss philosophy with Mongol invaders, Greek garrison guards ogle Soviet tanks and Bactrian Silk Road traders talk shop with modern Afghan entrepreneurs. Bridges become borders which become bridges again, heartland's fade to backwaters and cosmopolitan Silk Road junctions shrivel into a forgotten corner of a neglected republic.

For the last 80 years Termez has been one of the furthest and most sensitively sealed outpost of the Soviet empire, enforcing an unnatural religious cutoff point between Islam and atheism. The modern traveler who comes to taste the sheer variety of its of excitement that comes from such proximity to the Oxus and Afghan border can rest assured that he is one of the first.

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