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Vabkent minaret

Vabkent minaret


Monuments of Bukhara


 Vabkent minaret is an exquisite creation of architects, it the earliest twin of the minaret "Kalyan", which was built 70 years after the erection of its predecessor.
 Vabkent minaret was built at the end of the XII century. The tower was intended to call Muslims to prayer, as well as in other Muslim countries. Also, the minaret was used for ideological purposes. Breathtaking height; perfect proportions symbolized the power of the lords on the earth, and the rule of Islam.
 Height of the building reaches 39 meters, at the base its diameter is - 6, 2 meters, at the top-2, 8 m.
The tower differs from minaret Kalyan with poorer decor, and its less then the prototype by 7 meters. Due to its perfect proportions, the tower seems to be more elegant and higher comparing with Kalyan.
Lined bricks decorate the minaret staggered. The inscription which is under the lanterns says that the minaret was built by sadr of Bukhara - Buran Sadr al Din Abd alAzim II in 1198 - 1199. The building was erected by one of the most talented students of Bako (he built the minaret Kalyan).

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